TGIF Family Story Fest

The TGIF Family Story Fest is an online storytelling event taking place on Zoom, Friday, April 17 from 4 PM to 10 PM. Every 15 minutes, a different storyteller from around the country and beyond will be sharing a story. See below for the schedule and registration information.

Zoom webinar
When: Apr 17, 2020 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Topic: TGIF Family Story Fest
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Full Schedule of Storytellers (stay tuned for the full list of tellers and times)
4 PM – Pyn Stockman (UK)
4:15 PM – Sheila Arnold (VA):  Spiderman (I get to be a superhero) & Playing Monopoly (my family takes competition SERIOUS) – 14 mins.
4:30 PM – Allen De Bey (KS):  The Toothache + Fishing For Peace – The dangers of a toothache, and, A relaxing fishing trip gone wrong.  (14 mins.)
4:45 PM – Daniel Morden (Wales):  QUACK! QUACK! – A greedy king messes with the wrong duck!  (14m)
5 PM – The Storycrafters (NY):  Bremen Town Musicians Rap, a classic story type (ours is Grimms’ version) about cast-off animals finding something new in dark times, but rewritten as our rap. (9-11 minutes)
5:15 PM – Andrea Kamens (MA)
5:30 PM – Laura Deal (CO): Four Riddles for a Fortune, A clever riddle story by Kathleen C Phillips about a third son who sets out to seek his fortune and meets four strangers, each with their own advice.
6 PM – Darci Tucker (VA)
6:15 PM – Aristides Bakamitsos [Youth Teller]:  Persephone, and, ‘Hermes and the Woodcutter’ (a myth from Aesop) – These are myths that has Ben passed down in my culture for many generations.  (11 minutes.)
6:30 PM – Kristin Pedemonti (DC)
6:45 PM – Kanute Rarey (NC):  “Aunt Arline’s Five Rules”, Growing up on a farm in Ohio my two brothers, Fred and Ike, and me were raised by my mom’s sister, my Aunt Arline, who guided us with her self-made five rules of daily life for us hoping to keep us out of trouble and safe from injury by reminding us of them often.  (10 minutes)
7 PM – Susan O’Halloran (FL):  “The Enchanted Box, An Original Fable”:  Three quarreling couples have just a week to discover the “simple secret” of the Enchanted Box or else be turned into… you guessed it – STONE!  (10 minutes)
7:15 PM – Bob Kanegis (NM):  :  How Storytelling Saved My Life, A Close Call in the Alaskan Wilds (14 mins.)
8:15 PM – Mo Reynolds (MT):  “Rocks and Pockets.”, Three very different brothers go on an adventure and return changed as they learn to listen to the wind and to themselves.   (14 mins.)
8:30 PM – Teri Lott (OH):  Anansi and the Box of Stories, A world without stories – can Anansi help?  (14 minutes)
8:45 PM – Arianna Ross (MD)
9 PM – Jo Radner (ME)Wimble Betty, a historical story that is pretty funny and about a pioneer woman in the backwoods of Maine who saves her settlement from a tricky peddler.  (13 mins.)
9:15 PM – Mary Jo Pollack (AZ):  Power, 3 generations of aunts with power, inspiration, and love  (10 minutes)
9:30 PM – Karen Golden (CA)