Board of Trustees

Lauren Casper (President), Joanna Riesman (Treasurer), Jacqueline Preiss Weitzman (Secretary), Tim Donahue, Peter Swiderski

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 26th at 4:30 PM. Meetings are open to the public. Email the library at if you would like to receive a Zoom invitation.

The most recent meeting minutes will be posted below when they become available. A complete history of minutes is kept on file at the library.

December 15, 2020

Present on Zoom Call Due to COVID-19

Lauren Casper (President), Joanna Riesman (Treasurer), Jacqueline Weitzman (Secretary), Tim Donahue, Debbie Quinn (Director), Michèle Ankuda (Friends), Sharon DeLevie (Friends)

Meeting Minutes

The minutes from the December 2nd meeting were approved.

Day-to-Day During the Pandemic

Patrons are getting used to the new curbside pick-up routine, learning to call before they show up to find their books waiting for them on the cart in the Library vestibule. Patrons have been voicing their gratitude for the service.

Magazines are also being put in the vestibule for the taking since patrons are unable to come into the Library to read them. Ursula came up with the idea of making coloring pages available in the vestibule as well as the Sunday crossword. These are going quickly. Patty suggested a display of new books be put in the window so patrons can “browse” safely.


Jeanne’s group is knitting virtually as we meet.

Nora Maher will hold her final Facebook classes for the year. Attendance and views continue to be robust.

In lieu of the holiday candy houses, ArchForKids will be holding a Winter Wonderland Castle Zoom event on December 18th.

The 4th-6th Grade Book Club will be meeting on January 12th to discuss The Sixty-Eight Rooms: Stealing Magic by Marianne Malone.

The Julie Pycior discussion of her new book, Dorothy Day, Thomas Merton and the Greatest Commandment: Radical Love in Times of Crisis, on December 2nd was very interesting and very well attended. Tim Donahue was a terrific host.

We will be hosting Book YaYa on January 10th at 4pm, when Maya Shanbhag Lang will be in conversation with Peace Adzo Medie about her bestselling, critically acclaimed debut novel His Only Wife. Admission is free.

The Library was asked to offer tech support for the 9th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Community Breakfast on Zoom on January 18th. We will need to upgrade our account in order to host more than 100 people at this event.

Yesteryear: Stories From Home will have its initial soft opening soon


We are still awaiting the final bill for the bathroom partitions.

Tim donated three beautiful framed prints from the Hastings Historical Society to hang in both of our newly renovated bathrooms as well as one in the director’s office.

We will need to hire an engineering firm to determine the root cause of the rust stains on the façade of the building and to propose a solution. A Zoom call will be set up between Debbie, Trustee Morgen Fleisig, Village Manager Mary Beth Murphy, and our own Michèle Ankuda, to determine next steps and to craft the RFP, with the hope that we have someone in place by April to get started on the work.


Sue Feir met with the Village Clerk to discuss our fund balances. They were less than expected, due to increased health care costs. We have requested a copy of the auditor’s report from this past August to get a clearer idea of what is left over from this past fiscal year.


We are prepared to meet our December 16th deliverable to Fernanda of word documents of all the text to be used on the various pages of the new website. The Board then discussed how we would like to be able to take reservations for programming as well as use of our new logo on library cards and other Library documents.

The Code of Conduct has been revised to make reference to our website when looking for updates on Library policies.

Next Meeting

Our next remote meeting has been scheduled for January 5th at 4:30pm.