Board of Trustees


Sept. 13, 2016

Present:  Thom Forbes (President), Joan Vaillancourt (Director), Joanna Riesman (Treasurer), Diana Jaeger (Secretary), Lauren Casper; Jacqueline Preiss Weitzman

Minutes:  The minutes of our June 16, 2016, meeting were approved.  Many thanks to Jacquie for her faithful service as secretary (2013-2016).

Funds:  We are still waiting for Village Audit to be completed to see final amount of surplus monies left from the 2015-16 budget.  Part of the surplus money had been earmarked for the new Quiet Reading Room; a portion of the final surplus amount will go to the Library Memorial Fund.  

We have received $750 of the $3000 Abinanti grant and Sue has submitted paperwork to get the rest.  

Personnel:  Debbie Quinn will start Tuesday evening, Sept. 20, working part-time.  Regina has a new position in Pittsfield; she will be missed.

Village Code of Ethics applies to all Library employees; it has been posted in the Library.  

Building in General:  Joan submitted ideas for the 5-year capital improvement plan for the library building to Fran Froebel.  Proposal for 5-year plan includes new chilled water HVAC system (current system is 25 years old) and a replacement of flat roof.  Projected costs of those two projects will be about $225,000 – $250,000 for new HVAC system and $160,000 for new roof.  

We discussed concerns about using the Orr Room as an “art gallery.”  Security for the artwork is an issue, as is who determines what art will be displayed.  New guidelines will specify that proposals for art exhibits must be submitted with sufficient lead time for the Board to review.  

The Library was given a Municipal Security Assessment by the village, and some security measures will be implemented in the building (security cameras, a panic button, etc.).  

Building Repairs:  Roof repair was done in August:  Nick Brown removed the bushes that were growing on the roof and replaced the skylight (acrylic dome) that has leaked many times.  

DeSouza Landscaping weeded area around Library and Village Hall in August.  

More repairs need to be done on shaky staircase railings, including the one from the park to the library, and possibly the ones for the two stairs in front of the building.  The slate on the veranda in front of the library also needs repairs.   

Kitchen:  Traveler’s Insurance estimate is that cost of the damage to kitchen from water leak will be about $9,218 ($7053 is repair; $2165 was for emergency services.  There is a $5000 deductible.  Estimate for improving kitchen with some new cabinets and new appliances is about $18,000.  Applied for $8000 NYS Construction grant to assist with kitchen improvements and repairs; WLS has indicated that the grant may be approved for at least $5000.  

Library Equipment:  A phone has been added at Jeanne’s desk and the Village gave us a new computer for Judy.  

Joan is in discussion with Raf regarding leasing printers under the Westchester contract.  Cost is projected to be the same or lower than we currently spend for buying our own printers and ink supply.

Children’s and Young Adult Area:  We will look into providing equipment to facilitate children’s programs.  Overall plan will include new rug for the program room downstairs and a set of wooden puzzles, plus shelves will be repaired in the picture book room.  

Adult Programs:  Senior Art Workshops will be offered October 10 and November 11.  

Talking Pictures with Harvey will feature “Weiner” on Sept. 18.

Children’s Programs:  Summer reading program was a big success.  

Myles has lots of children’s activities planned for Fall 2016:  There are programs aimed at preschoolers, elementary and middle-school students.  

New Quiet Reading Room:  The new quiet reading room is a big success; it is constantly booked.  

Friend’s Report:  September Used Book Sale on Sept. 10 brought in over $1400.  

The new mailing for the Friends featuring “a kindler, gentler campaign” has gone out.  

Fundraising this year was quite successful.  Decision will be made whether to take a year off from producing the annual June event, as we don’t want to burn out volunteer energy.  

Barbara Morrow led discussion on Dewey series for this year, and we are leaning towards topic of “Dewey on Screen,” featuring local speakers who have been involved with film.  

Next Meeting:  Our next meeting is scheduled for October 18.