Copy, Fax, Scan & Print

These services are available on a limited basis during our Curbside Delivery hours.


The library is pleased to provide FREE, outgoing self-service faxing, as well as FREE self-service scanning! Black-and-white photocopies are also available for 20¢ per page. Color copies are available for 35¢ per page.

Our Mobile Printing Service allows you to print documents, photos and more from your computer, laptop and mobile device from anywhere. Color printouts are 35¢ per page, black-and-white printouts are 20¢ per page, and can be retrieved at the release station located by the reference desk. All print jobs are held for 4 hours (during library hours).

Print jobs can be sent online to the Library for printing via the following link:

wifi printing

You can also print an email or attachment by emailing it to: Additionally, you can install the PrinterOn App on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Nook to send print jobs (Important: When using the “web” button within the PrinterOn App, font size may appear larger than normal).