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Access to Village Hall and the Library for Persons with Disabilities:

There are two designated disabled parking spaces in the Village Hall parking lot, from which persons with disabilities can access the Village Hall or the Library via sidewalks and ramps.  There is also a designated disabled parking space along Maple Avenue in front of the Village Hall and Library. In addition, when the Farmers Market is using the Village Hall parking lot, there are three designated disabled parking spaces provided in different locations in the Village Hall parking lot. For persons with disabilities who are not traveling in a vehicle or are not parking in the Village Hall parking lot, access to Village Hall or the Library for persons with disabilities is available from the sidewalk along Maple Avenue in the following manner:

•       When the Library is open, there is a sign-marked ramp from the sidewalk along Maple Avenue that leads to a lower-level door on the South side of the Library.  There is a buzzer on the door for access, which will be answered by a library staff person who will provide access through the library to the ADA-compliant sidewalks and ramps leading to the Village Hall entrance.

•       When the Library is closed, there is a call box that is mounted on the stone wall near the sidewalk along Maple Avenue.  The call box will be answered by the Police Department, who will obtain assistance for the person.

Anyone with particular questions about access for persons with disabilities to the Village Hall, Library, or any meetings or events in those facilities should contact the Village at (914) 478-3400.